Enter your access code

We take data security seriously, so the first time you access the app, you'll be presented with a set of security measures to confirm your identity. This is a one-time process, but it's necessary to make sure your information is being presented to the correct person.

You'll need the mailer or email invitation we sent you. Enter the unique code printed on your invitation into the app. The app will recognize you and present information to you.

Note: if you lost or can't find your unique code, email us at support@myprincipallifestyle.com. We will have your code handy.

Accepting the policy amendment

There is one legal document we need you to accept based on the state you purchased your policy in.

Policy amendment

  • If your policy was issued in Colorado or Iowa, a policy amendment will be presented to you. Accept this document to participate in the program. If you want a copy of the form, simply request it and we'll mail it to you so you can keep it with your policy.
  • If your policy was issued in California, there is no amendment.

Confirm your identity

After you've entered your access code and if needed, accepted the amendment, the system will look for your customer information.

  • When your information has been retrieved, you will have the opportunity to enter your date of birth and the last four digits of your SSN.
    • Note: We won't store your full SSN in the system. Data protection is critical to us, so we will only store the last four for security purposes only.
  • When the system has confirmed your access code and date of birth/last four of SSN match, you will be taken to the next step.

Create your account

It's time to create your account. We need you to set up a User ID and Password. You earn 4,000 points for doing this, so it's worth the time. If we know your email address, your User ID is pre-filled with that. Your password should be created using the following requirements:

  • Minimum 8 characters
  • Use combination of alpha/numeric/special characters

Once you're in the mobile app, you can choose to fingerprint login, or set up a four digit pin for ease of access. Just go to My Account > Touch ID & Passcode and you can set it up.

Terms and conditions

Accept the Terms and Conditions, End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy to continue on by opening the link, reviewing the documents, closing the link, and then clicking the 'I accept' option.